General info about Kyiv Lions Club

KLC was founded in 2003 as a part of Lions Club International, the largest business charity in the world with 1.4 million members in 42,000 clubs in 129 countries. KLC is a particularly large branch with some 80 members all of which are from the Ukrainian and international business community. Since 2003 KLC has raised and distributed almost $1,000,000 to worthy causes in Ukraine in both small and large donations.

KLC is bound by the rules of Lions Club international that stipulate that the club must be financed entirely from member’s subscriptions and that all the money raised in the name of Lions must be used for accredited charitable purposes.

Each club is allowed to set it’s own charitable causes. In Ukraine KLC fund projects involving vulnerable children, the sick and disabled and the elderly. KLC fund capital work such as the refurbishment of Children’s homes, the rebuilding of the Kyiv Burns Unit, the Children’s Neurological Oncology Center and equipment purchases including: neonatal and medical equipment, incubators, blood analysis equipment as well as furniture, cookers, heating systems and refrigerators.

The funding process is strictly controlled by a donations committee of 9 members including a qualified doctor who assess each request in terms of our rules and funding guidelines. The committee check all quotations against given norms and always require triple independent bids. Once the committee are happy that the application is genuine then it will be put to the membership for a vote which requires a quorum of members and a numerical vote in favor for it to be passed. All purchases are then made by the club with the equipment then being transferred to the organization in accordance with Ukrainian legislation.

KLC raises money by using the expertise of its members to organize fund raising events. During the year there are three keystone events including the President’s Gala in December, Burns Night in March, which is now one of the major social events on the city and Kozak Night in June. These are supported by small fund raisers and social society projects such as: sponsored sailing or car rally, a beach clean up or the repainting of a school.

KLC has a rule that the club can never invest more than $20,000 in the cost of a fund raising event, all the rest has to come from sponsors, furthermore the full cost of any event has to be covered by the ticket price so that all the funds raised through the live auction, the silent auction and the raffle are for charity. In reality costs are kept to an absolute minimum, event sponsorship is maximized and companies are more than generous with their prizes.

For this year President’s Gala we have already been pledged a week’s holiday in Goa with air tickets, a weekend of golf for six at a major golf resort in Scotland with air tickets, expensive electronics, designer dresses, expensive whiskey and the like, furthermore the whole event this year will be filmed for television broadcast by Ukrainian Fashion TV
it was a pleasure meeting you yesterday at the Investment Event. Now I would like to provide you more information about the Kyiv Lions Club and the event that will take place on the 8th December on the Fairmont Hotel in Kiev.